Welcome!  My name is Liz.  I’m a newly minted 30-something, and I live with my husband and our cat-friend on the outskirts of DC.  In the last few years, I’ve made the switch from hunter-princess-wannabe to full-on eventing convert, and it’s been an interesting ride so far.

I like: horses (duh), reading, photography, web/graphic design, crochet and cross-stitch, being handy around the house I don’t like: CLEANING the house, very hot weather, school (let’s just say I’m lucky to have gotten as far as the associates’ degree)
Seneca Valley Pony Club Starter Horse Trial - Elementary Division - Photo by Katrina Dodd

Seneca Valley Pony Club Starter Horse Trial – Elementary Division – Photo by Katrina Dodd

I started riding at 9 years old, in a big program at a hunter barn in southern NJ.  I had just read Misty of Chincoteague, and I was obsessed.  I was a stereotypical horseless lesson kid, showing in local hunter shows and dreaming about someday owning a big fancy hunter and showing at the Devon Horse Show, until the end of high school.  There wasn’t much opportunity for horses, until chance and luck got me a “wrangler” position at Camp Hebron in rural central Pennsylvania, during the later part of my failed college career.  It was definitely the catalyst to a better and brighter future with the ponies, even if it wasn’t right away.

Seneca Valley Pony Club Starter Horse Trial - Elementary Division - Photo by Katrina Dodd

While at Camp Hebron I got my Certified Horsemanship Association certification, and spent that summer teaching campers about horsemanship and leading trail rides.  It was my first experience teaching anything, and I was hooked.  When I finally got fed up with trying to make school happen, though, I joined the US Air Force.  Off to Texas I went, off to Iraq I deployed, and once I got back I was determined to make riding happen.  So I did, and got… a non-horsey husband.  My trainer introduced me to her boyfriend’s cousin, just so she could have someone hang out with her at family functions.  And now we are cousins.  True story.

liz-189Nathan and I have been married since 2011, and moved to the DC area shortly thereafter.  We are both federal employees, so when the government isn’t shut down or sequestered, life is pretty good!  We bought a house about two years after coming to the area, and got a steal of a deal.

I found the perfect barn for me, the self proclaimed social rider, just a few minutes from our first apartment.  It started in August 2012 with once weekly lessons, that eventually became a feed shift, then horse trials, becoming an instructor, and hanging out at the barn 3 days a week.  All of the sudden I’m wearing dressage whites and an air vest instead of fawn breeches and a hunt coat.  At 30, for the first time in my life, doing something I always said I’d absolutely never do – flying around a cross country course!

What the hell did I get myself into?!