hullo friends.  it has been a long time.  i took some time to finally read up on some of my favorite bloggers and wow yous have not had a good year.  2015 kind of sucked.

it wasn’t the best for me either, for various meh-type reasons, but 2016 promises to be better.  for all of us, i hope!

small update: i have not competed this summer, not a single once.  i am having some fun with various school ponies, but to be honest i kind of blew threw my 3-year showing budget last summer, which was great because i had a horse to show.  nathan and i are doing fun things more often, i guess, which is cool.  hockey season has started, and i don’t talk much about it but it is a large obsession for me.  it has been rather warm so i am not prepared for it to be almost thanksgiving.  but my trainer, god bless her soul, has promised to take me fox hunting this year.  I AM SO READY.

for now, i leave you with gratuitous xc schooling video from woodstock, here in fabulous maryland.  love the linkle, he’s almost always a good boy.

i promise not to leave you for so long again.  ❤️