So I’m Liz.  This is my new little getaway on the web.  I’m an eventer, wife, veteran, cat friend, government employee, homeowner, and after years of hiatus – a writer.

Photo - Burns - Riding Without The Horse

Burns – Oh the torture.

Like the title of this blog suggests, I am indeed riding without the horse.  That is to say – I have plenty of horses to ride, but not THE horse.  I’ve never owned a horse; I’ve leased, but never full-time.  My trainer in high school used to tell me she wanted me to catch ride, because I could sit on anything and do well.  It’s just always been this way.  I can’t say I’m too disappointed about it, but it’s hard to scroll by those gorgeous Thoroughbreds on MidAtlantic Horse Rescue and not wish I had the funds to keep a pony.  I make do.  This is where “the barn,” the one I’ve been bouncing around years to find, comes through for me.  I needed a horse to event, and it just so happened the wonderful boarders of a big ol’ weirdo mutt named Burns needed someone to ride him.  As an instructor in a huuuuge program, I can school the school horses as much as they need.  I get to drop knowledge on lots new and experienced riders, and it’s really fun and I learn things from my students and fellow instructors all the time.

I mentioned Burns, who is the closest I’ve come to THE horse so far.  We’ve been together a year (next week is the official anniversary!), and done a lot in that time.  He’s sometimes a jerky, mostly really fun Quarter Horse cross with a big neck and a big jump and not so much of the dressage, although it’s getting better.  Incidentally, I am nearly the same.  Leasing Burns comes with a ridiculous(ly awesome) entourage in the form of his parents, their trainer (and my friend), and his other riders, and I’ve never seen myself ride so much as I have this last year because there’s so many people around to video!  If you’re wondering, it helps.  A LOT.

I suppose none of this actually tells you why we’re here.  To be honest, that’s something we’re going to have to find out together.  I loved to write – I love to write – and I am finding that life is moving faster and faster with little to no input from me.  I think I’d like to change that.  So this is an experiment.  This is a place to put down goals and be held accountable, meet other people who might be like me, and just share.  I like to share.  I would make a good 5 year old.