oh yeah, that 2’9-3′ course


  1. Airy verticals in the changing light! Good job!

    • Thank you! I hadn’t thought of that actually, but that is more challenging than your typical fence. Makes me even more proud of the little bugger 😀

  2. lookin good! he’s got such a lovely jump 🙂 i still can’t believe y’all have such an easy time bopping around in that kind of light… tho it’s good to see since one of our two flood lights just bit the dust (and who knows when it’ll be replaced)…

    • aaaaahhh THANKS HE IS SO GREAT. I have to gush 😀 He really does have a fantastic jump… makes me wonder what he’s actually capable of. This is the most anyone’s actually jumped him since he came to our farm, and he was in a field at least 2-3 years before that I believe. I know he was started in hunters by a BNT, but we dont know how far that went and his previous owner did mostly hunter paces.

  3. Bonus points for in the dark! You look great

  4. Woot woot! You’re rockin’ it.

  5. Poetry
    And very smooth

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