Photo - The day we closed!

The day we closed!

Back in March of 2014, we completed the purchase of a little Cape Cod style house in suburban DC, on the Maryland side.  It’s all brick, super sturdy-feeling, and über cute.  There are four bedrooms on two floors, plus one finished room in an otherwise unfinished basement, and two full bathrooms.  Kitchen, dining room, and living room round out about 1,200 square feet.  All in all, it’s a perfect starter home.  So of course we plan to stay in it for 30 years, because, why the hell not.

We purchased it in a short sale after looking for maybe 6 months.  It was the second house we saw, and the second offer we put in.  The short sale took a little under a year; short sales definitely aren’t for the faint of heart.  Our real estate agent, Jim Roy, was also my boss at the time, so we had a very good idea of what to expect and it still tried the patience quite a bit.  I’ll be doing a post about our experience in the future, so stay tuned.

Photo - The pull-back shot.

The pull-back shot.

So far, we really do love it. I have been here by myself the majority of the time we’ve had it, due to Nathan’s deployment. I’ll admit, I wasn’t all about all that yard work while he was gone, and the grass got quite long at times. He’s back now, though, and already has it looking pretty spiffy on the outside. I’m not much for cleaning, so the inside is… interesting. 😉 You know what they say about horse people – your home and car are always messy, but at least the barn is spotless!

I just picked up some paint chips and books this weekend from Home Depot.  Planning to stop in at Sherwin Williams and Lowe’s too.  Don’t worry – before we paint anything, you’ll get to see it in its “before” state!